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Service Locations:

 *South Fulton County

 *Clayton County

 *South Cobb County

 *Douglas County

 *Henry County new

 *South Dekalb County new

Facilities We Serve:

*Family Child Care Homes

*Group Day Care Homes

*Child Care Learning Center

*Preschool Programs

*Head Start Programs

*Private Schools

*After-school Programs

*Private Homes (Nannies)

About Us

Ms. Pam's Child Care Staffing Solutions, LLC is a full-service temporary employment agency that provides substitute Child Care Providers, Teachers & Nannies to licensed child care facilities and private homes.

We are located in College Park, Georgia, and provide services in South Metro Atlanta, and surrounding cities and counties. Our goal is to match quality substitutes, and or temporary staff with child care facilities who have immediate vacancies to fill due to absences, illnesses, vacations, etc.

We are not trying to be the biggest child care staffing agency around, there are plenty who can make that claim. We simply want to be the best!  Many of the larger child care staffing companies charge rates that are better suited for larger child care centers. 

Consequently, home-based facilities, or small center-based programs have not been able to benefit from these type of services. In fact, many of the larger staffing agencies don't provide services to family child care homes or group day care homes at all.  Ms. Pam's Child Care Staffing Solutions, LLC is here to fill that void.

Our company is based in South Fulton County.  There are many exceptional child care programs in this area, and we want to be a positive resource for job seekers as well as child care programs right in our own backyard.  Contact us today to see what we can offer you.

About Me

Hi, I'm Ms. Pam, and as you may have figured out, I am the owner and founder of Ms. Pam's Child Care Staffing Solutions, LLC.  I have worked in the field of Early Childhood Education for more than 20 years.  

I opened my first child care business in Carson, California in 1995.  After six years of consistent growth, I needed to expand to a larger location, so I opened Little Scholars Learning Academy in 2001.  This school operated as both a preschool and private elementary school. Because of a desire to live closer to my family, I sold this school in 2007 and moved to Georgia with my husband and three children.

In Georgia, I worked as an Assistant Director at Kids R Kids. Soon after, I opened my third and final child care business.  As the current owner of Love & Learning Family Child Care there were times when I found myself in need of a substitute. Since closing my in-home child care would be inconvenient for my parents and disruptive to my students, I often found myself searching for qualified individuals who could substitute for me in my absence.

Because this was an issue for me, I figured other Child Care Providers may be facing this same problem. So in 2015, I opened Ms. Pam's Child Care Staffing Solutions, LLC to provide a much needed service to Family Child Care Providers such as myself, as well as to Preschools, Head Start Programs, and Child Care Learning Centers.

With over 20 years of on-the-job training, a degree in Early Childhood Education, and experience as a child care provider & preschool owner, director, and teacher, I have insight into what quality child care looks like. Through experience and trial and error, I also know what to look for in prospective child care employees, and what child care owners and directors want and need when it comes to staffing their facilities.  

Whether it's helping you find a job with our staffing company, or helping you find quality substitute staff for your child care facility, I'm here to help.  Give me a call today.

Ms. Pam