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Why Choose Us?

  • No long-term contracts 
  • All-inclusive hourly rates
  • No hidden fees, ever!
  • Free, quick & easy sign-up
  • We save you time & money
  • Temp-to-Hire options avail.
  • Convenient weekly invoicing
  • Flexible payment options
  • We offer same-day service
  • Use us only when needed
  • No monthly membership fees

Child Care Providers:

Most Family Child Care and Group Day Care Homes are operated by just one provider. This makes it extremely difficult to take a day off when needed.  Ms. Pam's Child Care Staffing Solutions, LLC has the answer to this problem.  As our motto says, "We Care When You Can't Be There." 

When You May Need  Substitute Provider:

*You have a Doctor's appointment
*You have a family emergency
*You are not feeling well
*You need an assistant/helper
*You are going on vacation
*Need to attend training classes
*You simply need a day off!

Child Care Center Owners/Directors:

State licensing regulations mandate teacher/child ratios for child care centers.  It is frustrating, and sometimes overwhelming for directors and owners to keep their facilities fully staffed at all times.  When teachers call off work, or must be absent for whatever reason, this may cause child care centers to be understaffed and, more importantly, out of ratio.  This is exactly why it's important to have qualified substitutes readily available.

When You May Need  Substitute Teacher:

*Your teacher is having car trouble
*Teacher has a family emergency
*Teacher's children are home sick
*Your teacher is sick/contagious
*Teacher needs to attend training 
*Teacher on vacation/leave
*Teacher resigns or is terminated
*School has enrollment increase


Do you have a current Nanny?  If so, our services may be of use to you as well.  There may be times when your permanent Nanny may not be able to care for your child/children for many of the same reasons listed above.  Our employees have lots of experience working with children of all ages and in all types of settings.  They undergo the same screening process as the employees we place in other child care settings. Contact us today to see if we can be of service.

When You May Need  Substitute Nanny:

*Your regular nanny is sick
*Child's day care/school is closed
*Your child is sick /contagious
*Have appointment/meeting

Here Are All The Details:

We Pre-qualify & Pre-screen Employees

Our employees arrive on time and are ready to work.  Prior to placement, they are required to complete an extensive application process, which begins with a comprehensive face-to-face interview.

Additionally, all of our employees must pass a thorough background check, that includes both state and national fingerprint checks. We verify their references, their education, and their child care-related experience.  A negative TB test, and certification in CPR & First Aid are also required.  

As a part of our New-Hire Orientation, our employees receive basic training in Child Development, some of which can count toward the annual state-required training hours for child care teachers. Last, but not least, all employees will receive  basic training in Bright From The Start rules & regulations.

We Save You Time

As you can see, we do all the work for you!  There's no need to worry yourself with all of these time-consuming tasks.  Simply call us, and tell us what your needs are. Whether you need someone for just a few hours, a few days, a few weeks, or even a few months, Ms. Pam's Child Care Staffing Solutions, LLC can help fill your vacancies today!

We Offer Peace of Mind

Register your facility today for free, then you can rest assured knowing that you are covered whenever those pre-planned or unforeseen vacancies arise. There is absolutely no obligation to use our services once you've registered your school, but it's good to know we're here if the need arises. If you know ahead of time that an employee is going on maternity leave or vacation, you can schedule a substitute months in advance.  

We Are Cost-effective & Affordable

We bill your center by the hour. We offer competitive hourly rates. This all-inclusive rate includes employee wages, child care training, all local, state, and federal payroll taxes, as well as unemployment and workman's compensation insurance. You'll receive our electronic invoice right in your email inbox.  Simply click the "Pay Now" button from any device. It's that quick and easy.
There are no employee checks to write either, or any paperwork to file. Use our services only when needed, and you only pay for the actual hours our employees are actively working at your facility. There are no hidden fees ever, and it's totally free to register your school.  Call us today to make sure you are never out of ratio!